Would Omar Appear in a Green Jumper?

Even though the Bee has never been a Girl Scout, landisdad & I have ended up with a large amount of cookies this year. Several of the girls in the Potato’s class, including my own niece, the Butterfly, are selling.

First, a girl whose mother is my Facebook friend, posted about the cookies piling up in her living room. “Bring her over!” I commented. “We’ll buy some.”

My SIL was outraged (well, fake outraged) by the first mother’s encroachment onto what was clearly the Butterfly’s turf (namely me). So I ended up selling 6 boxes for my niece, to various co-workers who live in Girl Scout-free zones.

I came home on Friday to discover 2 more boxes of Thin Mints, which had come via the third grader who lives two doors down. Are we a soft touch, or what? So now we have ten boxes of Girl Scout cookies in our house (6 of which are destined for other homes, but still!).

We’re also seeing Girl Scouts on practically every street corner these days. In front of the grocery store, at the post office, you name it, they’re there in their little green jumpers. Landisdad and I got to talking about it last night, and he mused, “how do you think they figure out their turf? Is there some kind of Girl Scout Brother Mouzone who enforces which troop gets which corner?”

It’s a good thing I married that guy. Other people might be disturbed by such a concept, but I just thought it was funny as hell.


January 25, 2010. random other things.


  1. Susan replied:

    There’s probably someone at the Girl Scout council who centrally organizes cookie booth (that’s what the streetcorner sales are called) opportunities (and troops can also make their own arrangements with local businesses). (although your husband’s speculation is much funnier!)

  2. Chef Bill replied:

    We are Girl Scout cookie-less this year (sigh – no thin mints). I guess that you’re making up for us.

  3. elise replied:

    There’s actually a hilarious “Everybody Love’s Raymond” episode about this very thing…the leader of the troop takes the best selling location and then Ray tries to take it from her. Also in the episode the leader’s daughter sells to Raymond’s parents and he’s upset because they should be buying only from his daughter! I think he makes them buy just as many boxes as they bought from the other girl. Too funny.

    Fortunately, I’ve never had to deal with selling them but when I was selling chocolate bars for the Cross Country team, many of my customers asked if I knew a girl scout that was selling cookies because their cookie contact had grown up and stopped selling them! They loved the cookies so much they told me to send any girl scouts their way. So I guess you don’t have to feel guilty that maybe the people didn’t want to buy them!

  4. jackie replied:

    We make those kinds of Wire references all the time over here– our favorite line to insert into random conversations is “A man’s got to have a code,” which is also Omar-related :).

    We did our cookie sales at the beginning of the year, so my Thin Mints are long gone, sadly.

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