BBSP at five years, the remix

So yesterday, I put up my top-ten most-read posts. Today, it’s just my personal top ten. YMMV.

I did, by the way, read through almost every old post on my blog in order to write this post. Just not the memes. Remember how many memes there were in the blogosphere, five years ago? I think those have pretty much been replaced by Facebook quizzes.

I did make an editorial decision not to pick posts that had a trackback from my own blog—if those posts are worth re-reading, they’re not hard to find. There had to be some kind of criteria, or I never would have gotten it down to ten.

One thing that really struck me was how much my kids’ personalities were fully-formed when I started this blog–though of course, they are so much younger in those early posts. If only I had known then what I know now…

I’m really happy that I’ve kept this thing going, though, if for no other reason than that it gives me the ability to go back and read about moments that I’d totally forgotten…like when the Potato was praised for not eating crayons.

#10–Reading the first year of my blog brought back a lot of fun memories, but also some painful ones.

#9–Once upon a time, I drove across the country to a soundtrack provided by Eddie Vedder.

#8–When I first started writing this blog, landisdad had a more demanding job than I did. That’s changed, big-time, over the past five years.

#7–Did you know that I really like maps?

#6–I’m happy that we’ll be going back to one of our all-time favorite family vacation locations this summer.

#5–My kids can be awfully creative, when they want to.

#4–I often struggle with anger management.

#3–Sibling rivalry is a common thing to read about, on this blog.

#2–If you read my blog at all, you can’t avoid the politics. Or the peace movement.

#1–Will the worry ever stop? I don’t think so.

There’s a special category of posts about books, that needs a top ten of its own. In no particular order (and the track back rule did not apply).

The Potato learns how to act out Caps for Sale.

I write alot about books and parenting, both my own parenting and the parenting I received.

There was the time I rediscovered my love of zines.

Still one of my favorite kid books of all time.

My to-be-read pile has once again outgrown this old picture.

The Bee’s competitive nature, combined with her love of reading, has worked out well for her.


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