We celebrated our second major blizzard of this winter by sitting around in our pajamas till noon. Play practice was canceled, and our friends who were flying in from Chicago for the weekend got grounded there, so we didn’t go to our planned brunch. Instead, there was Wii, and unaccustomed Saturday morning TV watching.

The Bee walked to a friend’s house in the afternoon, and landisdad was forced by my physical therapist to dig out the driveway solo this time. The Potato and I played some games, and then he sat on the floor and built things out of legos while I sewed for a while.

Mid-afternoon, the Potato and I managed to get dressed, and we went outside where I pulled him around on the sled a little bit. He also decided that he had to clean off our cars–which mostly consisted of him shoveling snow using only his arm.

yes, that's my car, covered with snow

We’re supposed to go to another brunch tomorrow, but it’s in a Neighborhood That Never Gets Plowed in our nearby city, so I’m not sure we’ll make it, or if we do make it, if we’ll be able to park the car. Maybe we’ll just stay in our PJs till noon again…


February 6, 2010. family life.


  1. Library Lady replied:

    SC stayed in her PJs pretty much all day. And after his day yesterday, the Man didn’t set a toe outside the house!

    I already doubt that there will be school Monday and considering some of the small hilly streets in this town I wonder about Tuesday….

  2. Mere replied:

    I’ve been seeing a lot of this on the news. Enjoy the pj time – I’m jealous. 🙂 PS Love both BBSP-at-5-years posts. My 5 years is coming up soon.

  3. jo(e) replied:

    I love the way a snowstorm disrupts normal routines.

    We haven’t had our share this year — it’s odd that everyone is getting lots of snow except us.

  4. landismom replied:

    Hah! That’s ironic, jo(e), since you live in Snowstorm City, as I recall…

  5. Chef Bill replied:

    We missed the snowmageddon but we’re expecting to get hit by 12 inches over the next 24 hours, I hear. I’m bringing my sleeping bag to work.

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