snowpocalypse 2

We were hit by another big storm on Tuesday night. They closed school for Wednesday before the storm had even started on Tuesday, and when I woke up Tuesday morning to only a couple of inches, I thought that was a mistake. But it just kept coming…

the huge pile of snow that landisdad carried from our driveway into our back yard

our always-treacherous-in-winter back steps

and the snowman that landisdad and the Potato built in our front yard

…and yes, I’m ready for spring now.


February 11, 2010. family life.


  1. Library Lady replied:

    We have a table in our backyard that was snow covered. This AM the snow started sliding to one side so half was uncovered. This afternoon, the weight of the snow had caused the table to tip on one side, two legs in the air. Need to get a picture of that!

  2. jo(e) replied:

    That’s such a cute snowman!

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