I’ve got a variety of types of fatigues these days, starting of course with the ubiquitous snow fatigue. That might be, more generically, winter fatigue.

I’ve just been on the road for three days, and in addition to massive driving fatigue, I’m also faced with a huge email backlog, from the email I didn’t read while I was at a bunch of meetings. What I really want to do this weekend is veg out, but I think I’m doomed to spend some portion of it doing work, if I’m to start next week in a decent place.

I’ve also got a fair amount of diet fatigue right now.

I’ve been eating less in a controlled way (I prefer not to call it dieting) since June. I downloaded a calorie counter for my phone, and I’ve lost about 30 pounds through a combination of being much more conscious about what I put in my mouth, and just generally doing more exercise.

At this point, I’m really tired of the things that are healthy to eat. Especially since it’s winter, and the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables in our diet has dropped precipitously. It’s a lot easier to eat more salads and things when you can just go to the farmers’ market every week and pick them up.

What are you tired of, right now?


February 19, 2010. random other things.


  1. Jennifer (ponderosa) replied:

    I’ve been eating healthy, too, and you know what I have now discovered, to my dismay? Girl Scout Tagalongs taste like wax. BOO to healthy eating!

  2. elise replied:

    I’m tired of being unhealthy and not being able to find what will make me healthy. I’m tired of not being able to do physical activity without getting a migraine. I’m tired of being tired without doing anything. Whine, whine, whine. Sigh.

  3. jackie replied:

    SNOW. WINTER. I’m also tired of all my winter clothes. Are you sensing a theme?

  4. Anna replied:

    I wish I had both snow fatigue AND diet fatigue but alas, have neither. 30 pounds! That’s great!

  5. jo(e) replied:

    I’m tired of February.

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