It’s not just me who has been practicing self-improvement this year. The Bee has been making a very concerted effort to stop biting her fingernails. She had fingernails that exposed her nailbeds, and her cuticles were a disaster—not like, “oh, those are ugly” disastrous, more like, “oh those are festering sores!” disastrous. Ugh.

I made a deal with her in January that if she stopped biting her nails & let them grow out, I would take her for a real manicure at a salon. She’s been a fan of nail polish since she was old enough to know what it was, and has been really into painting her nails lately. So today was the day!

I wasn’t planning on getting mine done—the only other time I’ve ever had a manicure was for my wedding—but she insisted. Here are hers:

that's not a smudge on her ring finger--it's a design--just didn't turn out well in the photo

And mine:

it's surprisingly hard to take a picture of your own hand


February 21, 2010. family life. Leave a comment.