mille bornes

The Potato is an inveterate game player. He can spend hours playing Wii or Nintendo DS, but he’s also a fan of the old-school board game. Last year, he went through weeks where all he wanted to do was play Mille Bornes, a French card game from landisdad’s youth.

I admit, before we had kids, landisdad and I used to play this game together, and we spent a long time doing that. Of course, that was before I became officially addicted to Facebook.

It’s a card game where you each are “racing” to 700 miles (with an option to extend to 1,000). You play a green stoplight card to start, and then play cards which have different denominations of miles on them, to get to 700. Your opponent can play a card against you that causes a traffic accident, or makes you run out of gas–then you’re stuck until you get a gas can or a repair card.

The Potato loves playing all the way to 1,000, and delights in throwing accident cards or other hazards at his parents. I guess there’s little he can do to thwart us on a daily basis, while the kid experience (at least as I recall it) involves being thwarted almost every day!


March 10, 2010. family life. 3 comments.