in the neighborhood

This week, the Bee has her play, so I’ve been working at home a lot, in order to get her an early dinner and to tech rehearsal on time. Today, as I walked the Potato home from school in the afternoon, he told me about his day at school, showed me his library book, and waved to a girl in his class.

It always makes me laugh, how excited first graders are to encounter each other outside of the classroom. Even though they just spent a whole day together, there’s something about being outside! on the sidewalk! with your mom! that makes it a totally new thing.

Our kids go to a neighborhood school–we only live four blocks away. But those four blocks can be filled with some interesting encounters, some days.


April 23, 2010. family life.


  1. M replied:

    My daughter is an elementary teacher and from what she tells meeting your teacher out of context is even more surprising. Who thought that teachers bought groceries (or whatever) like “real” people?

  2. landismom replied:

    Yes, as a teacher’s daughter I totally remember running into students of my dad’s at various events, and them looking at him like, “uh oh, what is HE doing here?”

  3. Jody replied:

    Even in third grade, my kids get a little tongue-tied to run into classmates (the ones who aren’t close friends) outside school, and the teachers? Still TOTALLY freak them out. 🙂

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