a pretty bad week for the fifth grade

I had to call landisdad as I was driving home tonight (hands free! honest!). After we talked for a minute, he said, “hold on, the Bee wants to talk to you.”

She had the following updates, and she couldn’t wait for me to get home to tell me:

1) that she had fallen while scootering, and scraped her knees so badly that, “I couldn’t walk, Mom!”

2) a boy in her class, who fell during gym last week, apparently broke his foot, and will be in a cast and on crutches for the rest of the school year

3) a girl in her class got hit by a car! (this was a statement made by another girl in class, and does not seem to have been confirmed by any teacher, so I’m not exactly sure what the deal is)

4) and finally, a different boy in her class brought a pocket knife to school, and is therefore suspended.

I know Teacher Appreciation week is over and all, but I might bring that teacher coffee or something…

May 11, 2010. parenting ain't easy. 2 comments.