things I must do tomorrow

I made the somewhat crazy mistake, at the beginning of the year, of deciding to put together the fifth grade yearbook. Well, school’s almost out—guess I better get to work on it.

I’ve been collecting pictures for several months, but there are still a couple of kids whose parents haven’t sent any in yet, despite the fact that I’ve sent home several notes requesting them. I don’t get that. Do you really not want your kid’s picture in the yearbook? or are you just not getting my messages through your fifth grader?

I’m going to have to go to school and actually take pictures of those kids, because I can’t imagine finishing the yearbook without having one single picture with them in it. I’ve also gotta search around in my house and find a couple of their class pictures, which must be here somewhere.

A long time ago (like, back when I only had one kid), I had a great theory that I would make photo albums for both my kids. That dream is long dead, it seems like the least I can do is a half-decent job on the Bee’s yearbook.


May 20, 2010. the joys of PTA.


  1. Jody replied:

    Oy. Why can’t parents just send stuff in?

    I do worry a bit about what might be going missing between school and home. Our school has a routing-folder method for papers, every Friday afternoon, but still, the law of averages says I must have missed something at SOME point.

    Good luck with that project. You’re a good woman to work so hard to include everyone.

  2. landismom replied:

    It’s funny that you say that (about missing things). I remember when the Bee first started school, how I would go to meetings and the moms of the older kids would talk about how they never got flyers home anymore, and I thought, “that will never happen to me!” But of course, six years later, I’m the parent who doesn’t look in her kid’s folder every week, and am perennially turning things in late or exactly when they’re due.

  3. Jessica replied:

    First of all, my kids (who are fairly responsible most of the time) routinely forget to tell me things having to do with school. I’m sure we’re not the only ones so the school has gotten really good about sending emails regarding various things and teachers often require a parent signature on things to make sure they’re getting stuff.

    I had the idea of writing a journal for each child. I think I wrote a couple pages for each of them and then it fell by the wayside like so many other ideas that seemed doable and fun at the time . . .

    It’s great that you’re wanting to make sure the kids are in the yearbook. I’m sure it will be appreciated.

  4. elise replied:

    After reading Jessica’s comment I realize that my kids also forget to give me stuff (now 17, 16 and 13). Ever since they stopped having that folder I could check, things get stuffed in with the other stuff…more and more stuff! Welcome to America! Thomas even “forgot” to show me the application to be in the Honor Society so now he’s NOT in the Honor Society…hopefully he remembers next year. If he had shown it to me I would have nudged him along.

    Kudos for doing it…I know I would appreciate it and hopefully at least some of the kids and parents show that appreciation. Hey, I think you should ask your daughter’s teacher if you can personally deliver the yearbooks to her class and that way you can bask in the enjoyment they will show when they open it up and see their pictures.

  5. Jackie replied:

    I did a first-grade yearbook for one of my girls’ classes last year, and had to go to school to take pictures of each kid–not fun, but the book did turn out really well, and I figure that makes up for the baby books I never kept. Good luck finishing it up!

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