does anyone else

occasionally want to charge their children for their services rendered?

Sooooo tired of the Bee treating landisdad like her personal chef, and then pouting or storming off when he won’t cater to her.

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My graduated girl

The Bee is officially promoted to middle school. Hold me.


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Happy Father’s Day!

to landisdad and all the other dads out  there who are engaged and active in their children’s lives.

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the Potato likes words

Potato: “What do they call gym in middle school, PE or PC?”

Me: “PE for Physical Education”

Potato: “oh, right, because you can make the eff sound with a ph, not just with an f.”

Me: “Right.”

Potato: “but the normal way to make the eff sound is with an f.”

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end of school

I realize that we had the #snowpocalypse this year and all, but it feels like they added three weeks to the school calendar, not three days. The end of this year is very slow in coming. And the end-of-year events, they are many.

Feeling pretty overwhelmed by it all.

June 15, 2010. family life. 2 comments.

the Potato blogs

The Potato recently brought home his second first-grade journal. They do journaling in his class every morning, and a lot of the Potato’s journal entries revolve around Wii games.

He really enjoys writing, & he’s been regaling us with some of his favorites. This is one of mine:

“Yesterday Ms. G said, ‘I’m going to put this note on the wall.’ Today I can’t believe our substitute doesn’t know when she came as our substitute in kindergarten. Another thing I can’t believe our sub wrote the morning message on the chalk board wrong. She knows nothing. I just don’t like our sub.”

He sure is an opinionated little cuss. Can’t think where he got that from…

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When I started this blog, the Bee was about halfway through kindergarten. In just a few weeks, the school year will be over and I will be the parent of an entering middle-schooler.

The Bee is definitely ready for sixth grade, but I’m not sure I am.

We visited a friend today, who just had a new baby. I was kicking a soccer ball around their yard with the Potato and my friend’s daughter, and I told the Potato, “it’s hard to remember that you were once that little.” He looked at me in disbelief—I’m not sure if it was to say, “Mom, of course you remember,” or “Mom, I was never that little.”

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things to tug a mother’s heartstrings

Today, I picked up the kids from school. The Potato came running up to me and said, “I’m helping Nikki S.*”

“That’s nice, Potato, what are you helping her with?”

“Nikki J. and Gertie started a club today called ‘we hate Nikki S.,’ so we were making plans about how to deal with them.”

“Well I’m really proud of you, Potato, it’s good to stand up for people when they’re getting bullied.”

“I know, and I’m going to tell Ms. K, because it’s not fair that they’re making Nikki S. feel bad.”

The Potato just told landisdad this weekend that one of the older boys in the after-school has been bullying him. I asked the Bee about it, and she said she hadn’t said anything, because she tries to stay away from that particular boy, since he always tries to start fights with her.

I was so happy to hear that the Potato felt empathy for a girl who was being bullied, and wanted to help her. He’s proud of himself for helping his friend, and I’m glad to see that, even though he’s being bullied himself (and might run the risk of further bullying from these girls) that he was willing to stand up for someone else.

*names have been changed to protect the guilty…and the innocent… all the girls are in the Potato’s class

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