blogher nerves

So we just got back from our vacation, and I’m reading up on everyone’s BlogHer posts. Starting to feel like everyone already knows everyone else, and I will be the lonely girl in the corner who has no friends.

I know, you pity me.

Who’s coming to BlogHer, and will let me sit at their cool kids’ table?


July 19, 2010. meta.


  1. Anjali replied:

    So funny.

    I’m not going, and I probably will never go, but if I was you’d be the queen of my table.

  2. Jennifer (ponderosa) replied:

    I’m no cool kid, but I’d sit at your table! Sadly I’m a continent away.

    (I was just in Philly to see my sister but only for a day — if it’d been longer, I’d have called you. Blogher or no Blogher : )

  3. Lady M replied:

    You probably have no idea who I am, but I’ve been reading your site for a long time. I’ll be there!

  4. landismom replied:

    Anjali & Jennifer–totally wish you were coming. Lady M–we’ll have to get together.

    Also, Becca sent me this link, which I thought was helpful advice for conferencing (not just BlogHer):

  5. Elizabeth replied:

    I’m not going to BlogHer, but did go to a pre-BlogHer get-together in DC over the weekend. So, a few additions to Cecily’s excellent advice:

    1) Bring some business cards with your blog name and URL on them. People won’t be taking notes, and there are too many to keep in your head. (The folks who are doing this as a business will have pens or other goodies with their blog names on them, but that’s not necessary.)

    2) Don’t expect people to have read your blog. They will ask you what it’s about, though, so be prepared with an answer.

    3) There will be people there who are “big name bloggers” who you’ve never heard of. Don’t be embarrassed about not knowing them.

    4) Enjoy what you’re doing/seeing, and don’t worry about whether you might be having more fun talking to someone else or going to a different event.

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