the Potato is 7

The Potato turned 7 this week. It’s a measure of how distracted we’ve been this summer that, in addition to the fact that the day went by unblogged, both landisdad & I had to go out and do emergency shopping the night before his birthday. We’re also not having his party until next weekend, because we didn’t get it together to invite people in a timely way.

The Potato at seven is an interesting kid. He is obsessed with Legos, Wii and fart jokes, like any good 2nd grade boy.

He’s also developed a real affinity for Asterix this year, as we have most of the Asterix books–a remnant from landisdad’s childhood.

In many ways, he’s coming into his own personality—smart, asking a lot of questions, occasionally driving me crazy with his ability to turn his opinion on a dime. He’s also by far the sweetest member of our family, though I worry that his big sister is driving that out of him, sometimes.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Potato. May you have a wonderful year, in second grade and at home.


August 15, 2010. the cutest kids ever!.


  1. chichimama replied:

    Happy birthday Potato!!!! I can’t believe he is 7!!!

  2. elise replied:

    Give yourself a pat on the back….at least you did the birthday shopping the night BEFORE his birthday!

  3. Jody replied:

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Jackie replied:

    Happy birthday, Potato!

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