the social niceties of social networking

I’ve been struggling to manage my Twitter feed, since I came back from BlogHer and added a bunch of new followers. Some of those were people who I met and thought were cool–so I started following them. Some of them were people who followed me, and I counter-followed them out of politeness. I’m not talking about the Twitter stalkers I picked up–the folks who are just about marketing.

But you know what? My feed is practically unreadable at this point. I need to prune.

I feel bad, unfollowing someone just weeks after I started following him or her. But I also feel bad missing the tweets of people I have real relationships with, because some new follower tweets 30 or 40 times in an hour. What are your Twitter feed standards?


August 18, 2010. meta.


  1. chichimama replied:

    There is only one person I follow who has the 30-40 tweets an hour issue and I mostly zone her out. Echophon (or whatever it is now called) for Firefox helps a lot as it streams real time. But I have unfollowed most of the the random multi-times an hour tweeters…

  2. Jennifer (ponderosa) replied:

    Maybe that’s why I never could get into twitter — following too many people!

  3. Lady M replied:

    I created a few Twitter Lists. One for “tops” that I check every day to see what a couple of best pals are saying. One for “friends” and another for “celebs” that I check when I have time.

  4. MD replied:

    I’m with you, LM. Having just joined Twitter, I’m amazed at how much time people seem to spend on there. They tweet so much, it’s actually a little frightening. The list idea sounds like a good one though. Dropping a few people I follow seems like a better one.

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