thank you therapy, maturity, whatever!

This has been the easiest back-to-school week of our lives. I confess, I spent the whole summer dreading what the Bee would be like, as the start of sixth grade loomed closer & closer. But you know what? She handled it like a champ.

There was anxiety, but it felt like normal-grade, pre-adolescent girl anxiety—not, “if I make one mistake I’ll live in a gutter forever” kind of anxiety that she has had in the past. Between last night and this morning, she had several different iterations of wardrobe—but not one of them caused her to sink into a melting puddle of girl.

I’m not sure if it’s the year-plus of therapy, or her getting older and growing out of it, or what—probably some combination of all those two, plus something I don’t even know about. But I spent months dreading a thing that really wasn’t that bad. What a relief!


September 2, 2010. family life.


  1. She Started It replied:


  2. chichimama replied:


  3. Jackie replied:

    Oh, such great news! Congratulations to everyone–we call that “catastrophe thinking” at our house, and it can be a tough loop to disrupt, so what a triumph for the Bee!

  4. Jeff replied:

    Very happy for you and the Bee. Best wishes for continued maturity…how ever it comes about!

  5. Library Lady replied:

    So glad she’s doing well. I was in trepidation about how JR would be–she was prepared to HATE middle school, but day one went well. Now for day two. And day three….:D

  6. Jody replied:

    Oh, that’s GOOD news.

    We are in full-blown back-to-school anxiety mode here, and it is wearing me out. Remind me again, what’s the upside to being the person this child treats worst in the world? Sigh.

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