the end of week one

So a week ago today, I moved into my own apartment. We woke up on Superbowl Sunday to a gloriously sunny (but cold) day. The movers had given me a window from 8-10 am, so of course they showed up around 9:45.  I showed them the things I was taking, and they started loading the truck. It took less than an hour. Landisdad & I had arranged that when I left with the movers, he would take the kids out to breakfast–I wanted them to come later in the day, but not to be there when the movers were carrying furniture up 3 flights of stairs.

I drove to my new apartment, and negotiated the payment with the movers (as an addendum–for some reason, every other mover I got a quote from wanted to charge twice as much as the place that did the move, and they were just fine). They unloaded the truck, again taking less than an hour. I tipped them, and they left, and I closed the door behind them.

The unpacking of boxes is overwhelming. It’s been a week, and I’m still digging out from under them. Fortunately, I don’t have much other furniture in the living room yet, so having it full of boxes of books is just fine.

But back to moving day–landisdad brought the kids over in the afternoon. They were excited, but immediately got into a fight about which room would belong to which kid. I started to negotiate it, and landisdad left to go home and cook dinner. The kids and I talked about what they would put in their rooms–they had each packed a box of stuff to leave at my place, and I had bought them both aerobeds, at least for the short term. They unpacked their boxes.

At the end of the afternoon, I took them home, and we enjoyed the first of a new family tradition–Sunday dinner together. The counselor that landisdad and I are seeing had suggested that we figure out some new rituals–to build our new family structure around–and that’s one we came up with. Landisdad had cooked a chicken, and as we sat there talking, I asked the kids what they were looking forward to in the week. That’s another new ritual–to emphasize the positive, to look for the good in this thing.

The next day, I had taken off from work, and told the kids I would pick them up after school. They came over and we did some more unpacking. Then we went to IKEA (oh IKEA, how  much money I have spent there in the last two weeks!) and picked out curtains for their rooms.

I had an easy week at work–no travel, a couple of days off—so I spent every night with landisdad and the kids, except for Saturday, when he took them to visit his mom. Landisdad and I managed to get into one, pretty serious fight–but we apologized later. I won’t  say made up, because the underlying issue still exists, but I think we’ll get through it, or I hope so.

This week will be a harder test–I’ll be gone for three days, and then they’re coming to me next weekend. Tonight at dinner, when I asked what they were looking forward to, the Potato said, “sleeping over at your house!” and it warmed my heart.


February 13, 2011. family life, separation.


  1. Susan replied:

    I hope your new apartment is soon filled with many moments that warm your heart when you think about them.

  2. chichimama replied:

    I couldn’t say it any better than Susan did.

  3. Jody replied:

    I share Susan’s hopes for you. Safe travels this week, too.

  4. Jackie replied:

    I’m with Susan, completely. You’re all in my thoughts.

  5. jo(e) replied:

    Thinking of you and hoping this transition continues to go well.

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