So since my last post, the Potato has had two more incidents at the after-school program, and landisdad and I have decided to pull him out of it.

Which means that, at least until the end of the year, I’ll be working from the old house a couple of afternoons a week. This will be coupled with taking the Potato with me to work meetings or my apartment, and occasionally relying on my brother’s in-laws for help as well.

What really, really sucks is that the Bee is seeing it as a major loss for her.

A major loss of the independence that she’s gained this year, since she no longer gets to be by herself in the house for a couple of hours in the afternoon. And a major loss in life equity, since of course she never liked the after-school program either, and the fact that the Potato gets to just quit means that we love him more than we do her.

Le sigh…


March 31, 2011. parenting ain't easy.


  1. Jody replied:

    Oh the sibling obsession with equity. Sometimes I think it’s more exhausting than any logistical puzzle I might have to solve. Although in your case, maybe not so much. Good luck.

  2. Susan replied:

    Oy, that’s hard. ANd the kid care colliding with work meetings on top of it. Sigh, indeed.

  3. on the day before the revolution, I baked brownies « Bumblebee Sweet Potato replied:

    […] we made the decision to pull the Potato out of aftercare, I have been really struggling with the work-life balance. Having to stop whatever […]

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