this year’s Easter was better than last

last year’s Easter occupied a painful, unbloggable space.

This year’s Easter is the first holiday we have spent in our new family configuration. I got up at 6 am and drove to the old house, where landisdad had hidden all the eggs by himself. I bought the stuff for the Easter baskets, and he constructed them. The kids ran around and found the eggs, then sat inspecting the contents of their baskets. The Bee put on her new lip gloss. The Potato constructed some legos.

Landisdad made pancakes, and we all ate breakfast together, then lolled around in a sugar coma for awhile. Everyone else got dressed, and we went out to a playground, then to a local museum. We came home, napped or read, listened to baseball.

The Bee and landisdad made dinner (in our new tradition of Sunday night family dinners, the Bee is very much enjoying her role as sous chef–either at my place or at the old house). And soon we will eat it.

Later, the kids will watch some tv. I might fold some laundry. They’ll shower, and get ready for their week at camp during spring break.

It’s eerily normal, except at the end, I’ll go back to my apartment and sleep alone, while landisdad sleeps alone here.

How much can change in a year.


April 24, 2011. the new normal.


  1. Jackie replied:

    So glad your holiday was better–thinking of you.

  2. Jody replied:

    Happy Easter.

  3. Jennifer replied:

    Hooray for a better holiday, odd as it is!

  4. Susan replied:

    I was wondering how your holiday went–glad that you can look back and say it’s better now.

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