on the day before the revolution, I baked brownies

Since we made the decision to pull the Potato out of aftercare, I have been really struggling with the work-life balance. Having to stop whatever I’m doing to make it to the elementary school pick-up is challenging, and I’ve been working on a big event that is consuming a huge amount of my mental time.

Add it to the fact that last week, the Bee had to be at school every night at 5:30, and I’m feeling that old, doing everything half-assed and nothing well kind of feeling.

Not today, though.

Because today I baked brownies for the teachers’ appreciation lunch at school. And let the boy have a playdate with his best friend. And killed about 700,000 emails, phone calls, texts and IMs.

Why did I bake brownies on the day before what will possibly be the biggest event of my year?

Because I am a dumbass who likes to think I can do everything.

Also, non-custodial mother guilt.

That is all.

P.S.–the brownies weren’t even that good.


May 2, 2011. politically motivated, separation.

One Comment

  1. Library Lady replied:

    If you WERE custodial mother, you’d still have the guilt for some other reason. You know that. Sigh..

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