this is not a kid post

So if you’ve been missing the kid news, sorry. I’m hoping to get back on a regular blogging schedule soon…


Last week, landisdad and I completed the last transaction in our legal separation when he bought me out of the house. I am no longer a homeowner.

It’s an odd situation–while I’m still at the house nearly every day, it hasn’t really felt like mine for a while. On the other hand, I’ve now signed it over to landisdad (with the caveat in our separation agreement that I can spend parenting time there–time we both need me to be there, with the Potato no longer going to aftercare).

I feel a little less like an adult, to be honest. That’s especially true, since my apartment is once again not habitable, due to more water problems….


March 4, 2012. separation.


  1. Susan replied:

    more water damage? oh no! I hope things dry out soon.

  2. Jody replied:

    It’s a bit step, for sure. I hope the apartment is habitable again very soon.

  3. Jada replied:

    ugh. That just blows…the water, not the other. Looking to list my house in a month or so, and move away. I want it done. Tired.

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