happy pi day #3.14

The Bee’s school had an interesting Pi Day celebration today.

Apparently, during homeroom a bunch of the teachers hid puffballs with the various digits of pi around the school. Each homeroom had to find at least the first 20 digits of pi, and the homeroom with the most got to compete for some actual pie.

The second-round involved having one kid from the various qualifying homerooms memorize as many digits of pi as they could in 10 minutes, which they then had to recite in front of teachers.

The Bee made the second-highest, with an eighth grade boy beating her by memorizing three more digits.

Math can be fun, yo!



March 14, 2012. random other things.

One Comment

  1. Elise replied:

    My overachieving son memorized so many digits of Pi by ninth grade that when the geometry teacher had a contest, he had to stop him after 20 minutes because the class was over….hee hee. He actually has a special technique that makes it easier to memorize….but I can’t really remember what it is!! Ha ha.

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