Field trip sick…

The Bee had her first overnight field trip this week. She left super-early yesterday morning–landisdad told me she kept peeking into his room at 5 am to make sure he was getting up–and they went to a YMCA camp about three hours away. The kind of place where you sleep, 8 kids in a room, with bunk beds–not tents.

I texted her yesterday morning to tell her to have a good time–but she never responded. This morning, however, she texted me with the words no parent wants to see: “I threw up.”


I texted her back, and then the unthinkable happened–my phone rang.

“Mom, can you pick me up?”


I talked to the teacher that was chaperoning her cabin & the nurse–neither of them seemed to think she was exceptionally sick. But I went anyway.

Partly because the Bee never gives in to sickness. That girl will go to school half-dead–the idea that she would voluntarily leave a fun activity made me believe she wasn’t faking. Partly because she actually called me–I mean, she never uses her phone as a phone. And partly because I want her to know that, even in a world where I’m not living with her, she can always count on me to be there when she needs me.

After a long (though very scenic!) drive, I got to the camp & collected my girl. As predicted, she wasn’t horribly sick–but she was sick. When I got her in the car, she cried with relief–I think she was most worried about puking on the bus (& who could blame her?).

We took a leisurely ride home, she slept for about two hours of it (which confirmed again for me that she really was sick–the Bee is a terrible car sleeper). She thanked me several times for picking her up & apologized for the fact that I had to come get her, & I assured her that i was happy to do it, that I know, from my own life on the road, how much it sucks to be sick away from home.

It’s amazing, how this independent & self-sufficient girl can still turn back into a little kid once in awhile. Amazing & special.


March 30, 2012. thoughtful parenting.


  1. granolasusan replied:

    Awww….glad you were able to go get your girl when she needed you.

  2. punkymama replied:

    I hope she was comforted. You are in the toughest place a parent can be. I applaud you…

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