end of another school year

I’m not sure how it is even possible, but we’ve reached the end of another school year, and I find myself the mother of an 8th grader.  And a 4th grader, but I’ve been down that road before.

Today is the first last-day-of-school that I have been home in 8 years. Yes, you read that right–for the first 7 years that the Bee was in school, I missed every last-day, due to the annual staff meeting at my job, which is always held on the 3rd Thursday in June. This year, since there were no snow days (and practically speaking, no snow) school let out early.

In other years, I’ve had a variety of people pick the kids up, so they haven’t had to suffer through the awfulness of having to go to after-care on the last day. Landisdad has, on occasion, been able to take the day off. They haven’t really suffered, but I have–suffered the guilt of working motherhood, the guilt of never being in two places at once.

This year, I picked them up, and we went home for lunch (it’s a half-day, natch), and then I took the Potato to get braces installed on his four top front teeth. That kid is a trooper, I tell you. He was half looking forward to it, I think.

So we did that, and then I took the Bee to buy her end-of-year present–a Vera Bradley bag. She’s made the principal’s list every marking period, got elected to student council & became a peer mediator at the end of this year–so I felt like she deserved something special. I think those bags are ugly, but she and her friends all covet them enormously, so they’re doing a damn fine job of marketing to tweens & teens.

Finally, we met landisdad in the city for a celebratory dinner, and then I took the kids home with me for the night. It’s nice to have them here, especially after all those nights I missed earlier this year due to my crazy work travel.


June 19, 2012. family life. 2 comments.

Mad libs


I bought the Potato a Mad Libs book while on a recent work trip…he seems to like it–this one is almost full already.

June 2, 2012. books for kids. Leave a comment.