We’re experiencing a major heatwave here at Chez Landismom. I live in a four-story brick apartment building that is over a hundred years old. It kind of retains heat. In addition to that, the wiring is…questionable. 

Last year, I just had a portable air conditioner in my room, and the kids and I all slept in one room on the hottest nights. If I forgot to turn it off before I made coffee, or one of the kids made toast, it would kill the power for three rooms in my apartment. A week ago, the portable died, and a guy came to fix it, failed, and took it away. Hoping to get it back Monday.

At this point, I have a window unit in my room. The Bee now has an AC in her room (thanks, new love!)…and so far, the electrical grid has held up. 

The Potato will sleep in my room until the portable comes back, and then we’ll experiment with moving the window unit into his room. If the power holds, I’ll be a happier mama. 

I feel a little bit like Mr. Scott from the old Star Trek. “She canna take it, Cap’n! I need more power!”


July 6, 2012. thoughtful parenting.

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