single parenting is hard

I know that won’t shock you to read.

And I know that I have, in some regard, no right to complain at all.

While you can call what I do single parenting, the reality is that I still parent my kids with a partner—and when it comes to issues around the kids & their needs & behaviors, landisdad and I are still very much in tune.

But having the kids all to myself for a week, especially while on vacation without another adult to talk to, is very hard. It’s hard not to feel ganged up on. It’s hard not to want to end every evening with alcohol.

Man, am I tired.

For all those mamas & papas out there who do this alone, every single day/week/month/year–my hat is off to you. I’m glad that I still get to share this with someone else, even if the method of sharing has changed.


August 27, 2012. the new normal.

One Comment

  1. Jim McQuiggin replied:

    You recall that Patriside was about “A single, full-time dad” and that I struggled to keep it afloat whilst the rest of my life spun out of control.

    It’s a blessing that Landisdad is simpatico with the parenting, that works a lot.

    Hang in there… you’re always welcome to hit me up with questions like, “How on earth did you do THAT and still have a life?”

    Not sure I’d provide an answer but would love the conversation.

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