back to school is beautiful

The kids have been back to school for a week, and oh my is it wonderful. The Bee is in eighth grade this year, and she’s determined to participate in ALL THE THINGS. Student Council, the musical, field hockey, peer-t0-peer mentoring, and maybe even track and field… She came home today complaining about the fact that all her teachers have required different kinds of notebooks (a binder, some spiral-bound, some composition) which means that she has to carry ten different things in the morning to her first four classes.

The Potato is in fourth grade, and while he’s not laden down with as many extra-curriculars as the Bee–he’s playing soccer, which has two practices and one game every week. He’s been getting more into video-gaming lately, and I’m pretty sure I can see the lanky teen he will someday be, as he is letting his hair grow into his eyes…


September 11, 2012. family life.


  1. Becca replied:

    It’s great over here too. E is ecstatic with middle school, and M dropped her bad class, gained a study hall, is running every other day, and was not grumpy this morning, so I think she’s going to be good…

  2. jo(e) replied:

    Eighth grade and fourth? How did they get to be so old?

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