In which the Bee proves she is the toughest 13-year-old on the planet

It’s been a long time since I posted…and I have a post I need to get out about the Potato…but first, a follow-up to my last post. 

The kids had off from school today. I had to go on a one-day out-of-town business trip, so I took the Potato with me—the Bee stayed home, because she had rehearsal for the play. Despite the drama of casting, she sucked it up and took the part she won in the audition. And she’s been diligently rehearsing and learning her songs and dances. 

In the middle of the afternoon, landisdad texted me to tell me that the Bee had twisted her ankle at rehearsal. The drama teacher (yes, the same one) told her to continue practicing. She didn’t get her ice, or call either of us. She let the Bee walk home, alone, at the end. A walk that normally takes her 20 minutes took her an hour, because she was in so much pain (& for some reason, she didn’t call her dad till she got home). Landisdad took her to an urgent care center, and the upshot?

Her leg is fractured.

I’m so angry I can barely type. 

Landisdad and I were texting back-and-forth, and talking on the phone, this afternoon and evening. After he told me that her leg is broken, the Potato came over and sat next to me and said, “you look sad.”

I told him, “I am sad, because as a parent, when you send your kid to school, you expect them to be safe. If you get hurt at school, I expect to get a call from the nurse or the principal. I don’t expect that you will have to deal with it by yourself.”

I have never in my life wanted to get someone fired so badly.

I’m not going to try to get her fired. But I really, really want to.

November 8, 2012. thoughtful parenting.


  1. Elizabeth Lower-Basch replied:

    I don’t know if she should be fired. But she should get the riot act read to her by the principal.

  2. Jody replied:

    The details need to be documented and dispatched to the principal, the school nurse, and whichever people in the district office are in charge of (a) health and safety, and (b) legal affairs. No, maybe the teacher doesn’t get fired, but this cannot ever happen again to any other child. It just violates every possible procedure in schools. You are right to be furious.

  3. Becca replied:

    Don’t act to get her fired, but act to make sure everyone relevant knows exactly what happened. Poor Bee. The one cheering thing I can say, which you may already know, is that kid fractures do heal very quickly. Though they still suck a lot.

  4. punkymama replied:

    Completely unacceptable. My heart bled to think she walked home on a broken ankle. No ones kid should ever have to walk home from school in that condition. Being a parent with kids who have medical conditions who depend on the adults around them to keep them safe, her story scares the shit out of me. .

  5. chichimama replied:

    OMG. Really??? I hope you were in the principal’s office in 30 seconds flat. We had a similar incident with A last year, I tracked the man down at home.

  6. granolasusan replied:

    What!?!? Poor Bee–she deserves way better than that from her school. I hope she heals quickly. And what everyone else says about making sure that the principal + district officials are aware of what happened. That should not be.

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