the Halloween parade

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Yesterday, I had coffee with a friend who has a new baby–he and his husband adopted over the summer, and their son is 7 months old now.

We were talking about the differences that parenting makes in your life, and I mentioned that this was my last year as an elementary school parent–next year, the Potato will be in middle school, and the Bee will be a sophomore.

He asked me, “what does that mean to you?” and I’m not gonna lie, the first thought I had was “freedom.”

It’s not total freedom, of course–but being the parent of two kids in their older school years is very different from being the parent of a kindergartener and a toddler, which is the  place I was in when I started this blog.

But it does mean no more worrying about how to cover after-school care every day. It means that he’ll play soccer after school, not in the evenings and on weekends. It means some small measure of freedom, that comes with your kids becoming more independent.

Today, though, was my last elementary school Halloween parade. And that’s kind of sad.

Though of course, when your son wants to dress up as Death for Halloween, it’s not exactly a warm & fuzzy moment…



October 31, 2013. growing up.

One Comment

  1. Jackie replied:

    I did this transition this year and while the freedom has been wonderful, the social complications make me nostalgic for elementary school!

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