the school year has begun

and with it, the schedule crazy. I always hate September–between the beginning of school & all the school-related events; a huge, week-long meeting I’ve gotta do for work; and the Bee’s birthday, it’s a crazy, crazy month. This year is no different, in that respect.

The Bee has decided to play field hockey again this fall. She was assigned to honors Language Arts & honors Math–when did they start having honors classes in middle school? The Language Arts teacher assigned a 5 paragraph essay. On the first day of school. Her field hockey schedule has her not getting home until 5, and then it’s time to watch a little tv before dinner, and then spend the whole evening doing homework.

The Potato and I have been working on cleaning up his room, a little bit. We went to back-to-school night at the elementary school last night, and looking at his desk was so refreshing. It seems he CAN keep some space neat, if he’s really motivated. His room at the old house looks like it should be eligible for FEMA relief. Perhaps one can have too many Legos….

We’re supposed to be signing him up for karate this fall, but neither landisdad nor I have gotten around to it. But he needs something to do if he’s not going to play soccer. That boy has energy to burn. His wiggling is legendary.



September 14, 2011. family life.


  1. Elise replied:

    Oh just let him keep his room messy! LOL! Less stress for you and he has a place where he is in charge of how it looks….and don’t tell me I can’t imagine how messy his room actually is….most of the times my son, Thomas’s, room only had a path through it…and that was only because he didn’t want to hurt his feet if he happened to have to wake up and go to the bathroom in the middle of the night! Ha ha ha! He preferred Kinex over Legos though. Then I have one messy daughter and one neat daughter but even the neat daughter’s room can get extremely messy. I would occasionally ask them to clean or I would clean just to be able to vacuum the floor but other than that….I would just traverse the path:)

  2. thordora replied:

    We have messy rooms. We pick it up to a degree, but I just close the doors. Except for the legos. But I just let Viv step on them once and she got the hint.

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