happy pi day #3.14

The Bee’s school had an interesting Pi Day celebration today.

Apparently, during homeroom a bunch of the teachers hid puffballs with the various digits of pi around the school. Each homeroom had to find at least the first 20 digits of pi, and the homeroom with the most got to compete for some actual pie.

The second-round involved having one kid from the various qualifying homerooms memorize as many digits of pi as they could in 10 minutes, which they then had to recite in front of teachers.

The Bee made the second-highest, with an eighth grade boy beating her by memorizing three more digits.

Math can be fun, yo!



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overheard in my car

Bee: “You can’t really know someone until you understand what ruined their childhood.”

Me: “…”

Me: “What ruined your childhood?”

Bee: “I don’t know. It’s not over yet!”

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has it really been almost a month since I last posted?

I guess it has.

I’m suffering from a mix of too-crazy-at-work, the back-to-school blues, the Bee’s birthday (and attendant arrangements) and personal-crisis-that-shall-remain-unblogged.


It kind of sucks. I wish I had something else to talk about.


How about a picture of a kitten?

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spring is here

Every year in the winter, I buy myself a peony to plant in my garden. Peonies are my favorite flower, but they’re also incredibly high maintenance. Before this year, I have not managed to keep one alive long enough to flower. But last week, I noticed this very exciting development:

And then today when I went out to get the paper I saw this:

You can’t imagine how thrilled I am! Maybe next year, I’ll get two!

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mama’s got a brand new bag

It was my mom’s birthday last month. I didn’t finish this on time, but I did finish it. It’s a cute little quilted ditty bag I found a pattern for on fatquartershop.com. Wow, could I spend a lot of time and money on that site!

I like this fabric combination, because it’s so spring-y!

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I’ve got a variety of types of fatigues these days, starting of course with the ubiquitous snow fatigue. That might be, more generically, winter fatigue.

I’ve just been on the road for three days, and in addition to massive driving fatigue, I’m also faced with a huge email backlog, from the email I didn’t read while I was at a bunch of meetings. What I really want to do this weekend is veg out, but I think I’m doomed to spend some portion of it doing work, if I’m to start next week in a decent place.

I’ve also got a fair amount of diet fatigue right now.

I’ve been eating less in a controlled way (I prefer not to call it dieting) since June. I downloaded a calorie counter for my phone, and I’ve lost about 30 pounds through a combination of being much more conscious about what I put in my mouth, and just generally doing more exercise.

At this point, I’m really tired of the things that are healthy to eat. Especially since it’s winter, and the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables in our diet has dropped precipitously. It’s a lot easier to eat more salads and things when you can just go to the farmers’ market every week and pick them up.

What are you tired of, right now?

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things that are predictable

If  I say to the Bee & the SP: “kids, we will go to the movies tomorrow after you write the first draft of your report, Bee, and you do your chore, SP,” they will invariably agree to the plan.

But when it comes time to do the actual work? They are nowhere to be found.

Guess I’ll be going to the movies alone :).

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Would Omar Appear in a Green Jumper?

Even though the Bee has never been a Girl Scout, landisdad & I have ended up with a large amount of cookies this year. Several of the girls in the Potato’s class, including my own niece, the Butterfly, are selling.

First, a girl whose mother is my Facebook friend, posted about the cookies piling up in her living room. “Bring her over!” I commented. “We’ll buy some.”

My SIL was outraged (well, fake outraged) by the first mother’s encroachment onto what was clearly the Butterfly’s turf (namely me). So I ended up selling 6 boxes for my niece, to various co-workers who live in Girl Scout-free zones.

I came home on Friday to discover 2 more boxes of Thin Mints, which had come via the third grader who lives two doors down. Are we a soft touch, or what? So now we have ten boxes of Girl Scout cookies in our house (6 of which are destined for other homes, but still!).

We’re also seeing Girl Scouts on practically every street corner these days. In front of the grocery store, at the post office, you name it, they’re there in their little green jumpers. Landisdad and I got to talking about it last night, and he mused, “how do you think they figure out their turf? Is there some kind of Girl Scout Brother Mouzone who enforces which troop gets which corner?”

It’s a good thing I married that guy. Other people might be disturbed by such a concept, but I just thought it was funny as hell.

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ah, boys!

Me: How was school today? Did you do anything interesting?

Potato: Me & J played Girls Chase the Boys at recess. But we couldn’t get any girls to chase us. So then we just pretended that my mittens were explosives. We pretty much exploded everything on the playground.

January 14, 2010. random other things. 4 comments.

a hell of a week

I’m having an up-and-down week. Or rather, a down-and-up-and down week. But I’ll be on vacation soon, and then it will all go away. Right?

There’s some sensitive family stuff going on, and it’s got me down (extended family, not the kids). There’s also the fact that two of my co-workers told me they’re pregnant this week–and one of them is likely not going to be able to sustain the pregnancy, due to some pre-existing health conditions. So I’m happy for the one who is expanding her family, and grieving with the one who may not be.

And there’s the complicated fact that, although my blog is still pseudonymous, some of you know who I am and we’re connected on Facebook. And some of the people that I’m talking about in this post are also on Facebook. So let’s keep this stuff between you and landismom, not you and that other chick. I don’t need a repeat of last year’s Facebook drama.

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