some wishes, for 2012

I thought I’d better post in December, and there are less than six hours less. Here are my top ten wishes for 2012:

  1. That the economy will keep getting better (though if it could speed up a little bit, that would be great). Landisdad’s job is, right now, only funded through the end of 2012, and I’m starting to worry about what might happen if it doesn’t get re-upped.
  2. That the Grand Old Party will continue to entertain us via their presidential primary, especially by having millions of dollars hurled into internecine struggles to be the most conservative nimrod ever to run for president.
  3. That, in moving into a new role in my job, I am not making a huge mistake. That the new travel, to new places, will be offset by less travel to the old places.
  4. That my niece, the Butterfly, who is starting to experience some ADD, will get good strategies from her new therapist.
  5. That the Bee will keep growing into the beautiful, smart young woman I see more and more of each day. That her eighth grade year will be filled with confidence.
  6. That she will continue to have good friends, who seem to be (at least from what I can see) free of the “mean girls” gene.
  7. That the Potato will thrive in the rest of third grade, and will continue to be the funny, goofy boy I love as he moves into fourth.
  8. That his love of sports will continue to play out in basketball this winter.
  9. That, as landisdad and I settle in to our separated state, our mutual finances will continue to stabilize…braces notwithstanding.
  10. And finally, that I’ll start finding something like the joy I once got from writing about my kids on the interwebs again.

December 31, 2011. the pop culture.


  1. jo(e) replied:

    Happy New Year!

  2. librarylady61 replied:

    Happy New Year! WIshing you all the good things you deserve so much in this next year!

  3. Jeff Bogle (@OWTK) replied:

    Here’s to those 10 wishes and for a wonderful ’12 for you, landisdad, and the kids…and the democratic party!

  4. Susan replied:

    Happy new year! May 2012 bring you all many good things.

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