I could look at this for hours…

have you checked out bloglines new image wall yet? I could look at this all day. It’s a constantly-updating series of images from blogs.

No, I don’t have a life.

Also, I’ve added new page to my blog–look up at the top, to the right of the header. It’s tracking what I’ve read so far this year. Pretty exciting, I know. Have I mentioned that I don’t have a life?


March 10, 2007. meta.


  1. Andy replied:

    It’s cool, I don’t either. Love that, thanks for the link!

  2. jackie replied:

    I like that reading page! I’ve got “The Sea” on my to-read list right now, did you love it? How was “Joe College”?

  3. landismom replied:

    Jackie– on The Sea, I think ‘love’ is too strong a word. I felt like I had to run to the dictionary a few too many times for me to love it. It was a very well-written, but I don’t know, it just missed something, IMO.

    Joe College was pretty good (I read it in under 24 hours, if that’s any indication). Not quite up to LIttle Children, but I don’t think Perotta’s written a bad book (that I’ve read).

  4. chip replied:

    okay, you want a real time-killer? Check out librarything.com…

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