H.P. 7 and a contest

So after all of my fretting about finding an English-language copy of Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, it turned out that there were oodles of them right there in the airport. And then, when we got to Provence, it turned out that my MIL had bought us a copy too, because landisdad had told her we were going to be looking for it.

And she thought it was for the Bee. A little embarrassed about that one, frankly.

So I find myself with not one, but two copies of the world’s most popular* book. With the British cover. And I thought, “hey, people who read my blog like books! Some of them even collect Harry Potter books with covers from different countries!” My efforts to find a French version for Alexandra were in vain, but I can still send someone a little Harry love. So I’ve decided to have a contest.

Being as I got this copy through a misunderstanding about my love of kid-lit, I’ve decided to set up a blogging contest based on adult interest in kid-related hobbies.

If you want to win my extra British copy of Harry Potter 7, all you need to do is write a blog post (or a comment here, if you don’t have a blog) about a kid-type thing that you enjoy more than your kids–or enjoy more than most adults do, because of your kids. Link back to this post so I can find yours, and do it by midnight on August 8. If you’re not a parent, you’re free to write about some kid-related thing that you enjoy more than other non-kids. If you don’t like kid things, you’re probably not interested in winning this contest, so I’m not going to bother making up something for you to do.

First prize is the book. Second prize is a couple of random French souvenirs. Third prize? You’re fired.

* (at least today)


August 1, 2007. books for grown-ups, books for kids, free stuff can be good.


  1. guerson replied:

    hmm, I guess Harry Potter doesn’t count for that one so I’ll have to think of something else…

  2. CamiKaos replied:

    ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….. british copy…………….. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kid stuff…. ooooh….. are you a mamet fan too?

  3. Jeff replied:

    Sweet…a contest. I will give this one a shot in the next week. If I win third place, you can give the dvd to another blogger…I own that one already – big Mamet fan.

  4. landismom replied:

    Ah, sorry. I was trying to be clever and failing.

    There is no third prize.

    And yes, I am a Mamet fan.

  5. Elizabeth replied:

    Aww, you mean we don’t win a DVD of Glengarry Glen Ross? I LOVE that movie, and for some reason don’t own it yet! A British edition of HP 7 would be cool as well, as would French souvenirs. I love contests!

  6. katlyn valerio replied:

    My name is Katlyn and I love your blog and I love Harry Potter! ๐Ÿ™‚ Kid stuff…..too bad reading Harry Potter doesn’t count. I will have to say that my favorite kid thing to do is jumping on the trampoline. You never ever see adults doing it and even though I feel kind of out of place after seeing little seven year olds jump I still love to do it!! -Katlyn

  7. Viewsfromtwo replied:

    I’d have to say my favorite “kids” thing goes right along with my obsession with Harry Potter. I’m obsessed with all the wonderful kid’s literature available today. I don’t have kids yet, but I have two great nephews and a wonderful niece whom my husband and I spoil with books, much more to our satisfaction than to theirs. My absolute favorite thing about giving them books is…I get to read them first! I have found that despite some of the drivel, there really are some well thought out and well written books which are age appropriate and can help develop that love of reading. I’ve already started a nice little collection for my future reader. Oh and if books don’t count, then I’d have to say swinging. I love a good swing-set more than most kids I know. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. hate the game, love the playa « Bumblebee Sweet Potato replied:

    […] game, love the playa 08Aug07 A reminder–there are less than 12 hours left to enter to win the British H.P. cover. So far, it looks like there’s only one entry, so it won’t be that hard to at least […]

  9. alala replied:

    Well, um, I have the book already, is why I didn’t enter. And also because I’d be here a week if I had to list all the kid-things I never outgrew. So I’ll settle for one: chocolate milk. Plain chocolate milk. In college I’d take a pint to frat parties because I didn’t like beer – especially frat party beer. And I don’t drink it very much now, but that’s because it’s not very healthy and we grown-ups are supposed to exercise self-restraint, not because I don’t like it.

  10. CamiKaos replied:


    there it is. my entry. I did it.

    pant pant. sigh

    luckily today I went to one of my FAVORITE kid activities…

  11. Jeff replied:

    My post is up!



  12. Elizabeth replied:

    Crap. I missed the deadline! I had a post all ready and everything, about this TV show that my boys watch? Only they get up in the middle of a rerun they’ve seen a dozen times and leave the room, and I keep watching to see how it will end! It’s (looks around, whispers from behind hand) Drake and Josh. On Nickelodeon. I love it.

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